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My name is Sandra Templeton and my company is Sweet Pea Gemstones which is a small, woman-owned business that specializes in creating custom designed jewelry with authentic gemstones.

As the Owner and designer, I have several years of experience crafting beautiful pieces to express individual style and sentiment. Every piece is carefully crafted from the highest quality materials, designed to last a lifetime and bring joy to its wearer.

My mission is to create pieces that reflect your individual style and express heart-felt sentiment, while my vision is to share my passion for elegant gemstones with people everywhere. I take pride in crafting custom jewelry of the highest quality, designed to last a lifetime and bring joy to you.

What makes Sweet Pea Gemstones unique is that pieces are one-of-a-kind and made to order. I also offer limited edition collections throughout the year. You can choose from a variety of precious gemstones, metals, and styles to create a piece that's perfect for you. And because quality is important to me, we only use high-quality gemstones that are ethically sourced. With Sweet Pea Gemstones, you can have stunning jewelry that's uniquely yours.

Sweet Pea Gemstones focuses on offering the highest quality of ethical and responsibly sourced gemstones. Working directly with miners, my vendors ensure the stones have been ethically sourced, something which I believe is incredibly important for preserving these stunning works of art. All pieces are crafted by hand in Miami, Florida using only the finest materials.

From a hobby to a passion, Sweet Pea Gemstones is the place for anyone who loves gemstones and craftsmanship. I started designing jewelry as an art form, finding joy in creating beautiful pieces with authentic gemstones. Word soon spread about my creations and before I knew it, friends were asking to buy them! That's when I decided to turn my hobby into a business, aiming to bring the beauty of these unique designs to more people. I have always strived for excellence in every piece so that each customer can enjoy the highest quality jewelry that truly expresses their individual style and sentiment.

Sweet Pea Gemstones is so much more than just a hobby for me. I'm following in my parents’ footsteps by exploring our love of gemstones and as a kid I actually panned for gold (yes, really). My mom even went back to college to take Geology courses to enhance her knowledge of geology. My parents had a passion for gemstones and would often venture out west to partake in the hunt for gemstones and pan for gold. I still remember gemstones tumbling on the dining room table.

I always strive to create pieces that are unique, special and meaningful. If you don't find something in my collections that speaks to your heart, please visit my Custom Design Quote – I would be more than happy to collaborate with you on creating something one-of-a-kind and tailor-made for you!