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Article: Learning to Recognize Real Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Learning to Recognize Real Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Learning to Recognize Real Sleeping Beauty Turquoise

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise has a distinct robins egg blue color. I personally love Sleeping Beauty Turquoise, but Kingman Turquoise is nice too. Kingman Turquoise has more of green hue to it. The Sleeping Beauty Mine is located in Globe Arizona, it was mined until the late 1960's and was then closed down.  It was re-open many years ago to mine copper and was recently closed again in 2012.  Why is it called Sleeping Beauty? It is because the mountain is shaped like sleeping beauty.

Most turquoise is stabilized because it's a soft stone. It’s important when purchasing turquoise that you know what you’re buying.  Some sellers say “turquoise color” that is how you know it's not REAL turquoise. It may say “simulated” which is not REAL turquoise. Some people will also sell you Howlite, which is a gray and white veined mineral that accepts dyes and is made to look like turquoise.  Some people will sell it as White Turquoise, it’s not REAL turquoise.

PRO TIP    Purchase from a trusted source such as Sweet Pea Gemstones. Always read the descriptions carefully when purchasing turquoise.

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    The Sleeping Beauty Turquoise 2” drop earrings on the website are from a
    20-year Collector's stock.  They are just stunning. Be sure to check out the Sleeping Beauty Turquoise Bracelet on the website. I also have a pair of Kingman Turquoise earrings on the website. 

    Turquoise Care:  

    1. Apply cosmetics and perfume before wearing turquoise jewelry. 
    2. Protect from prolonged sun exposure and extreme temperatures.
    3. It’s important to not have turquoise under running water. 
    4. Do not use commercial jewelry cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners to clean turquoise. They can damage your turquoise.
    5. Use a soft brush and soft towel to dry.
    6. To prevent tarnishing of sterling silver, place jewelry is a sealable bag or jewelry case that prevents tarnishing.


    Turquoise Styling:

    Turquoise goes well with Red Coral, Lapis, Rocky Butte and Spiny Oyster. It also goes well with any southwestern jewelry.

    Is turquoise one of your favorite gemstones? 



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