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Article: Get the Perfect Bracelet Fit

Get the Perfect Bracelet Fit

Get the Perfect Bracelet Fit

Have you ever wanted to purchase that beautiful bracelet, but you were not sure of your size?  Getting the perfect fit is crucial for getting a bracelet you will love.

Here’s a simple method to measure:

  • Measure with a tape measure or string
  • Ensure the tape measure or string is tight
  • If you used a string, line up the string to a ruler to get the size
  • Provide the size of your wrist to the designer

There is nothing worse than a bracelet that doesn’t fit properly. Before designing jewelry, I had bracelets that didn’t fit properly, and they could slide and the clasp would be in the front where it wasn’t intended to be.  If you don’t have a tape measure or string handy, you can print your own at

The bracelet design will be based off your original measurement, so it’s crucial to get this right.  See the video and graphic provided. 

Another thing to understand is whether you’re looking for Snug fit, Comfort fit, or a Loose fit.   The designer will adjust the size anywhere from ½“ for Snug fit and 1 ¼“ for a Loose fit at the minimum.  Your bracelet will also be adjusted for the clasp size as well as the bead sizes. 

For example: If your beads are larger, the designer will adjust for the bead size for the inner circumference. 

All these details are important to get the perfect fit, and one that you will be happy with.  Otherwise, you will end up having to get it resized or just not be happy with it; so just following the steps above to get the perfect fit. If you are looking for a custom bracelet, get a personalized quote from me. 

Do your bracelets fit perfectly?

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